At SPARTAN SPACE, we believe that it is the duty of a company to make a positive impact on society. Rooted in our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we actively search to engage in social projects on both regional and international scales. In recognition of our responsibility as a global corporate citizen, we have dedicated ourselves to initiatives that address pressing social challenges.

Since the first year of the company, we try to perform each year at least one mission with a humanitarian character.

Please find below the list of projects we have performed so far.
If you would help us in improving our planet, or if you have a project where SPARTAN SPACE can provide support, please contact us.



Our company is dedicated to advancing technology for exploration and enhancing the well-being of humanity on Earth. In this era of challenges, we aspire to play a meaningful role in assisting during times of crisis. If you have a humanitarian project in need of Spartan Space’s technological expertise or manpower, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



Humanitarian convoy for Ukraine

SPARTAN SPACE delivered 300 kg of food, hygiene items and medical items to the Tiszaszentimre depot in Hungary.

This repository is managed by the Hungarian Reformed Church. From this depot this Humanitarian Aid will be transported to Ukraine to a children’s hospital in Dertsen, Ukraine (medical items), as well as to Kyiv (food).

It was very touching to meet these people there who are mobilizing in Hungary every day to take care of the thousands of refugees who are also arriving in this country.


Second Humanitarian convoy for Ukraine via Hungary.

One year after the first transport of goods to help the population of Ukraine we have set up a second convoy. This time double crew size and double amount of goods !
We delivered two transporters of medical items, food, toys and cloths to the Hungarian Reformed Church where it was dispatched into the crisis zones of Ukraine.


We place great emphasis on education and the development of future generations. As part of our commitment, we actively engage with young audiences through various events, where we deliver presentations on space and underwater exploration. Our aim is to inspire their interest in the fields of science and engineering. Below, you’ll find examples of our involvement with schools and universities. If you are interested in collaborating with us in this educational endeavor, please feel free to reach out to us with a message.



Five students from Cordouan High School have won the 2023 Aerospace Prize for Nouvelle-Aquitaine! The group of students worked with our team and they presented EUROHAB, a lunar habitat concept that would transform space exploration.

As participants in the space sector, we have the responsibility to guide these young talents toward tangible opportunities, to support their passion, and to inspire them to pursue their dreams in the field of space.


We had the delightful opportunity to conduct a presentation for multiple classes at Sanary’s primary school on the intriguing topic of “Journeying Back to the Moon.”
The students received insights into the ongoing plans for lunar exploration and had the chance to inquire about various aspects of space exploration