2011-2013, SHEE habitat (EC),

LIQUIFER and SPARTAN SPACE key personals were involved in the ECLSS design and interior design of the SHEE habitat respectively. The LIQUIFER team procured interior components and assisted in integrating them to the SHEE habitat model. LIQUIFER was also responsible for the technical coordination and the overall design envelope of the habitat.

2013-2016, Project MOONWALK (EC),

LIQUIFER team developed future planetary surface sampling tools which were tested on the GANDOLFI II simulator developed by Thibaud Gobert as lead Mechanical designer along with Peter Weiss to validate the tools ergonomics in Marseilles seas (Moon Analogue site) and in Rio-Tinto (Mars Analogue site)

2015, LUNA (ESA):

LIQUIFER, Peter Weiss and Thibaud Gobert along with other project partners analysed the gaps in artificial Lunar analogues facilities and did the preliminary design of LUNA facility (predecessor to current LUNA facility)


LIQUIFER along with Peter Weis and Thibaud Gobert developed a catalogue of various hardware items such as simulator spacesuit, lunar terrain model, habitat with Suitport, payloads, tools, communication infrastructure and robots for future EVA training in EAC-NBF facility by analysing various mission scenarios. And they established the design requirements for such hardware items to be used in EAC-NBF facility.